Job Interview Strategy: Your Key To Landing The Perfect Job

In order to land the perfect job, you must develop a job interview strategy. As a hiring manager for a number of years, it amazed me how many people would show up for interviews with no apparent preparation, including internal employees applying for positions of advancement.

YOUR interview will be different, because you will be prepared with your own job interview strategy designed to set you apart, and get you the job you desire.

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation." - Charles Kettering

If you've been reading other pages on my website, you'll see a consistent theme of changing your mindset. And, yes, again, I'm asking you to change your mindset about how you interview. This time, there are two things I'd like you to focus on as you prepare for your job interview:

Envision yourself already in the position you're seeking.

You are interviewing the employer to see if the position and company are a good match for you.

With your mind focused on high expectations, review the following step-by-step guidelines for interview success:

Expert Interview Help

Although I cover a lot of information about interviews here on this website, you may need additional help. You could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for expert interview coaching.

I'd like to share with you a great resource I found for a fraction of the cost of any coaching program, with lots of time-tested, proven strategies. Strategies designed to make you more confident and polished so you will ACE your next job interview, and make you the only logical choice for the position.

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