About Us
Find out more about us and why we started this company.

We started this company from a desire to help other people realize their dreams. From our many years of experience working in the corporate world, we found that high school and college don't really prepare you for what you really need to know.

Our website and company are here to bridge that gap. Before plunging head-first into a career or an expensive education, we want you to understand and contemplate your decisions. Our information and recommendations are designed to help you make intelligent decisions about your career and goals. We want to help you succeed!

Perhaps you're skeptical. It's hard when we're told from an early age that we need to find "real jobs" when we grow up, that doing something we love really isn't an option.

We encourage you to use the tools and resources on this website (many are free of charge), to help you design and implement your ultimate career development plan.

We have exciting plans for this website and for this company, so please check back often for updates and specials!

Best wishes to your success,

Kristen and Keith