Work From Home Online Opportunity: Is It Legitimate?

Perhaps you're ready to leave your 8 to 5 job for a work from home online opportunity. Or maybe you would just like to make some extra money.

Whatever your reasons, working from home can be a great way for you to spend more time with your family, make some extra income, and SAVE on commuting and other job-related costs. The internet provides a great way for you to make a nice living working from home.

Before you take the plunge into any work from home online opportunity, however, do your homework first.

First and foremost, there are two very distinct ways at looking at a work from home online opportunity. This is critical in helping you identify the opportunities that are best for you.

Employee Or Contractor / Business Owner?

Are you looking for an hourly wage or salaried position? - This is where you're an employee of a company, and the company pays you either an hourly wage or a salary for the number of hours you work. Basically, you're a telecommuter working from home.


Are you looking for contract / freelance work and/or owning your own business? - The IRS defines a contractor as someone who's hired by a company for a specific project, and the contractor/freelancer completes the work on their own time, using their own manner and methods. In effect, the person is a business owner managing their own business.

Your understanding of what type of work you're seeking will have a dramatic impact on the types of opportunities available to you. I have personally reviewed a lot of work from home online opportunity sites, and the vast majority fall into the second category above. There are, however, some sites that provide salary or hourly wage type positions.

Whereas you would not expect to invest any money into an hourly wage or salaried position, you can expect to invest money into business opportunities designed to provide you with your own business. Understanding this difference will help you as you look for the right opportunity.

In addition, there are several other helpful things to consider as you pursue a work from home online opportunity:

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