Career Ramblings Review

I recently came across a great blog that tackles some of the same issues I address on this site.

Career Ramblings has done a great job building a community with their Career Development blog, as evidenced by the great comments and number of regular contributors. It's not hard to see why this blog is a favorite. Packed with great content and relevant topics, this blog covers all aspects of career development. If you're getting ready to graduate from college, Jane recently posted an article with some practical advice on dealing with dreaded college debt. And if you're looking to start your own business, you'll find lots of helpful advice on how to start and be successful with, your own business.

What I especially like about the posts is that they are well-written, informative, entertaining and well-researched. I also found it extremely easy to find the information I was looking for without having to sift through layers of pages or posts.

Whether you're just starting out in your career, looking for a change, or some great career advice, it's well worth spending some time. I've also added this resource to my career resources page.

Career Ramblings also recently achieved a coveted Google Page Rank of 6. As part of the celebration, they're offering backlinks in exchange for helpful reviews.

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