Free Career Search Engines

Thanks to the internet and free career search engines, manually searching through employment classifieds in a newspaper is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Though using free career search engines makes it easy to locate open positions, there are literally thousands of job search engines available. This can make the process somewhat daunting.

To make the most of your career search online, prepare yourself ahead of time before you even begin your search:

  • Have a clear understanding of the type of position you're seeking.
  • Prepare a well-written, concise resume highlighting your skills and accomplishments directly targeted to the position you're seeking - update your resume in different e-friendly formats.
  • If you're limited on time, make sure your job search is focused on a specific field or industry.

Once you're prepared, it's time to start looking for a job. If you're looking for a position in a targeted industry or field (e.g. healthcare), do a search in your browser for a free career search engine (using our example - "career search engine AND healthcare"). We compiled a list of job search engines below for your convenience.

Free Career Search Engines
Do's And Don'ts


  • Take the time to read job requirements to ensure you're qualified for a certain position.
  • Tailor your resume to include specific qualifications an employer posted in their listing.
  • Research companies prior to applying for open positions to see if it might be the kind of company you'd like to work for.
  • Create cover letters for positions you apply for, this personalizes the process and offers another effective way for you to sell yourself to a potential employer.
  • Stay positive! Don't worry about jobs that you don't get, and continue to focus your efforts on positions that highlight your skills and values.
  • Keep your job search activities organized for easy follow-up.


  • "Blast" your resume to multiple companies and hope for the best.
  • Make your resume public if you don't want your current employer to know you're seeking a position.
  • Send personal information (banking, social security, etc.) to ANY employer unless you've interviewed and received a written job offer.
  • Respond to offers that sound too good to be true. Though most of the career search engines try to identify scams or fraudulent postings and delete them, new ones continue to crop up daily. If you are seeking a legitimate job opportunity, RESEARCH the company prior to sending any information to them.
  • Answer unsolicited emails from any employer claiming to offer you a position without an interview. Many of these scams involve cashing and distributing (fraudulent) checks for an offshore company.
  • Send money to an employer. Most of these "jobs" are actually business/investment opportunities and not true salary or wage earning positions. If you're truly seeking an entrepreneurial work-at-home type position, you must research first.
  • Pay for any information claiming to get you a federal or postal job. The government never charges for information, and if you're seeking a federal or postal job, go directly to the free career search engines for government and postal jobs (listed below).
  • Use free career search engines to look for executive positions paying $100K or more. Most executive positions are not posted on free career search engines.

Using free career search engines wisely and effectively will help you find your dream job with the convenience of the internet.

Online directories also provide a great way to find free search engines:

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List Of Free Career Search Engines

JobBank USA - specializes in providing career information including job and resume database services to job candidates, employers and recruitment firms in the U.S. and worldwide.

Monster - Sign up and post your resume free. Monster attracts thousands of employers and job postings in many different fields and locations (U.S.). A great place to research various positions and to see what's out there.

Career Builder - Career Builder also partners with thousands of employers to provide up-to-date job postings. Free to sign up and post your resume. - provides hundreds of job postings from regional and niche sites. Free resume posting and job search.

  • - Find Your New Job Here. Free resume posting and job search.
  • Federal Jobs USA Jobs - official website for all U.S. Government jobs. Website is free, but applying for Federal jobs requires a little more information than civilian jobs. Find out what you need in order to make your Federal job search successful.</li><p>

  • Yahoo! Hot Jobs
  • If you would like to post your resume to multiple job search engines at the same time, as well as centrally monitor all your activity, you may want to consider a resume submission service. Although these services do post your resume to some free career search engines (which you could do yourself for free), the service can save you a lot of time. And, after all, time is money, right?

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